Top 10 Beers in the US Market

Brooklyn Lager:

A golden-brown colour and an extremely bold, nutty flavour is what makes this beer unique and tasteful. The flavour tends to linger for even hours after consumption, which consumers say is their favourite part about this particular beer.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager:

Samuel Adams offers a wide variety of beers for different seasons and occasion. The Boston Lager is a darker beer that has an excellent, strong after taste. This beer is definitely not for light beer drinkers or the faint of heart.

Bud Light Lime:

Bud light lime is a low calorie beer with a tropical, yet refined taste. This specific beer is extremely popular on the market because of its low cost and great taste.

Michelob Light:

Another low calorie beer with a light taste and an excellent price. Michelob light is a common beer to find on tap at bars and restaurants.

Abita Purple Haze:

This is an excellent fruity beer that even non beer drinkers will enjoy. This beer in particular is best served with either sweets or cheeses.

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager:

Again, Abita comes out with a perfect tasting lager that is identical to the taste of biting into a freshly picked strawberry. Abita Strawberry Harvest is a great summer time drink for when you have a day off and just want to relax and enjoy the summer breeze.

Miller High Life:

Miller High Life is one of the most best value beers on the market. It has a very light, smooth taste and is priced low on the market.


This is another excellent priced beer with an delicious, bold taste.

Shiner Bock:

This is a very bold tasting beer with a chocolate aftertaste. This beers dark chocolate taste it brought to life with dark roasted meats.

Anchor Steam:

Anchor Steam is another bold tasting beer. Although this particular beer is priced higher than most, it is most certainly worth every penny.

Watch a video of Mac Faulkner drink 10 top beers in a row: