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Everyone knows that a bachelorette party is supposed be spontaneous, fun and most of all, memorable. In order for you to meet these standards, you will need numerous items including alcohol, games, food dishes and who knows, maybe even a group of male strippers? Who says women can't have fun? Below is an amazing list of what you can bring to your girlfriends bachelorette party to make it the ultimate party.


The most important part of the bachelorette's evening. Try to keep in mind that every lady has there own specific drink that brightens their eyes. To make sure you meet everyone's needs pick up vodka, tequila and rum, along with some great mixers such as margaritas, daiquiris and hurricanes. Alongside of liquor you can purchase some wine coolers and champagne for those ladies who like to start their evening off a little slow.

Food Dishes:

Who doesn't get hungry after one to many drinks at a party? In order to keep your bride and her girls content, be sure to bring along a large variety of easy food dishes. Some great example of food dishes that are a great hit at parties are loaded nachos, whale boats(hollowed out loafs of bread filled with cheese, meats and veggies), chips and dip, veggie and dip, fruit platters and potato skins with melted cheese and bacon. All those these dishes seem cliché, they are very tasteful and easy to create.

Game Time!:

Time to break out the cards and even the Wii! Men are not the only ones who love a good game of poker or bullshit. These are great games to play while sipping on a cold beverage while you are waiting for the food dishes to be completed. After dinner has passed and multiple drinks have been consumed, it is time to break out some dancing games on your gaming system. Everyone knows how drunk women love to dance and if you are not hitting the club, you need to bring the dance party to your home.